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 CatchMaster Glue Boards for Pest Control 
Tuesday, September 16 2014

If you have a small pest problem, small in terms of scorpions, American cockroaches, spiders, and other small pests that can drive you crazy and you just do not want to spray for them.

We may have your answer: CatchMaster Glue Boards to the rescue. We have personally caught everything from mice, roaches, bedbugs, small snakes, skinks, and many other undesirable pests that can enter your home or business. With cooler weather just around the corner many of these small pests will start trying to find a warmer place to live, and this just maybe your home. You can try to seal up all of the small holes but you are sure to miss a few and this can be costly and labor intensive.  

Even if you seal up all the holes you can find, you will not stop all of the small pests from entering into your home or business. This is why we highly recommend the use of CatchMaster Glue Boards in your home. We use these same glue traps in our German Cockroach control program and our customers just love it when they can see results.

When using CatchMaster Glue boards, correct placement is better than trying to rely on the scent. We will place glue boards on both sides of the garage door, this will allow most small pests that enter to be caught on the glue boards, before they get into your home. When using your glue boards on the inside of your home or business we highly recommend placing them along a wall, this could be under your furniture or behind other items like the trash cans, file, and even your refrigerator. If you have a crawl space under your home we also suggest placing our CatchMaster Glue Boards close to any entry points from the crawl space, like plumbing lines, or electrical lines.

We have many customers who tell us they use our CatchMaster Glue boards along with their professional pest control service. I personally think your pest control service should be using the CatchMaster glue boards as part of their service.

Yes there are other brands out on the market like your Bell Labs Trapper Brand, J.T Eaton, and Victor, which we have tried over the years and have always gone back to the CatchMaster Glue Boards. We feel they are just made with superior glue and will give you better results. We feel so good about the quality of CatchMaster Glue Boards we can say. Try the Rest and Come Back to the Best – CatchMaster Glue Boards.

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The glue formulas in Catchmaster glue traps are effective for at least one (1) year in a home scenario, and for five (5) years unopened in a warehouse locale, giving you more value for your hard earned money. Catchmaster glue boards do not have oil in them like the competitions products use. Oil mixes with the body chemistry of the rodent and allows the rodent to escape. Oil also makes glue more susceptible to running or dripping in hot temperatures.
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