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 CatchMaster Glue Boards Faq 

1. Can we get Non Scented Glue Boards?
YES, AP&G does offer Catchmaster™ Non Scented Glue Boards; Here at we offer the 72 Super Glue Boards No-Scented, 72MB No-Scent Glue Boards and the 72TC No-Scented Glue Boards.

2. Can I use a 72MB Board in an Insect Light Trap?
No, Catchmaster™ makes a large variety of glue boards that have special ultraviolet (UV) light blockers in them.  UV blockers are important because they keep the glue from hardening when subject to constant exposure to UV light.  Our Catchmaster™ 72MB Boards do not have UV blockers.

3. At what temperature will the glue start to run on a Glue Board?
Catchmaster™ Glue Boards are the most heat resistant adhesive traps available.  However, after prolonged exposure to temperatures over 130° F, the glue will start to soften.  

4. Can I put a Fly Bag indoors?
It is not recommended to place a Catchmaster™ Fly Bag indoors due to the extremely unpleasant odor; this disagreeable odor is what attracts the flies.

5. What will attract and trap cluster flies?
The Catchmaster™ Model #911 Insect Light Traps (ILT) is extremely effective in managing cluster flies. For large infestations, we suggest using this unit along with several 925 Fly Light Boards.  The ILT should be placed in a void area, its heat and light should attract the cluster flies while the 925 Fly Light Boards, placed around the ILT unit, should trap them.

6. What is the shelf life of Catchmaster™ Glue Products?
Catchmaster™ adhesive traps will remain effective for several years in storage (at normal ambient temperatures).
7. What is the optimal operating and storage temperature for Catchmaster™ Glue Products?
Catchmaster™ traps are effective at temperatures between 50° F and 110° F.  Below 50° F and above 110° F performance will begin to decline.
Catchmaster™ 48WRG is specifically designed for use in low temperatures and can be effective below freezing point.
Storage temps can go up as high as 120° F but should not exceed these temperatures for long periods.

8. What should I do if I come in contact with the adhesive?
In case of contact with adhesive, use vegetable or mineral oil to remove from skin.

9. How do I remove glue traps from floors or other surfaces?
 Use paint thinner or mineral spirits for easy clean up on floors and other surfaces.

10. Does the Catchmaster™ Peanut Butter Scented Board cause allergies?
No, Catchmaster™ scented boards do not contain any traces of real peanuts, peanut scents or oils.  The peanut butter scent is completely synthetic.  Synthetic scents do not cause allergic reaction. However, in sensitive accounts, we recommend the use of Catchmaster™ 72MB unscented glue boards.

11. Can I use bait on Catchmaster™ Glue Boards to attract rodents?
Most Catchmaster™ glue boards are pre-baited and designed to be utilized without additional bait. You can increase their effectiveness by placing glue boards along known or suspected rodent pathways. If you feel the need for additional bait to increase its attractiveness, place a small amount of a non-oily substance on the center of the board.

12. For some reason, rodents seem to be avoiding the Catchmaster™ Glue Boards; how do I increase the catch?
Place the boards along a known or suspected pathway without removing the release paper for a day or so (you may also choose to place bait on top of the release paper).  This allows the target pest to acclimate to the new item in its environment and to feel comfortable traveling over it.  When you remove the release paper your odds of capturing unsuspecting rodents will be improved.

13. Why are rodents pulling off my Catchmaster™ Glue Boards?
There are 3 main reasons why rodents could be pulling off of your Catchmaster™ glue boards:

  1. Dusty Environments – If the glue trap is placed in a dusty area, the dust may coat the glue
  2. Cold Temperatures – If the glue trap is being used in extremely cold temperatures (below 50° F performance will begin to decline)
  3. Oily Substances – If the rodent itself is oily or greasy; if the glue trap is placed in an oily or greasy area such as a kitchen; or if the trap was baited with an oily product such as peanut butter or jelly.  

14. How do I prevent rodents from pulling off of the Glue Boards?
The following conditions may reduce the consistency and effectivenes
Dusty Environment:  If the glue trap is placed in a dusty area, the dust may coat the glue.
Cold temperatures:  If the glue trap is being used in extremely cold temperatures (below 50° F performance will begin to decline).
Oily Substances:  If the rodent itself is oily or greasy; if the trap/board is placed in an oily or greasy area such as a kitchen; or if the trap was baited with an oily product such as peanut butter or jelly.
NOTE: Anything that coats the top layer of the glue will reduce the effectiveness.

15. How do I get the release paper off my Catchmaster™ Glue Trap?
Grip the release paper in one corner and “pull” it off in one smooth, continuous motion; the paper will come right off.

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The glue formulas in Catchmaster glue traps are effective for at least one (1) year in a home scenario, and for five (5) years unopened in a warehouse locale, giving you more value for your hard earned money. Catchmaster glue boards do not have oil in them like the competitions products use. Oil mixes with the body chemistry of the rodent and allows the rodent to escape. Oil also makes glue more susceptible to running or dripping in hot temperatures.
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